Reija Lang

Vocalist, lyricist

Reija Lang is one of the most interesting jazz vocalists in Finland. Reija is a versatile artist - she won the Finnish Vocal Jazz Contest ”Lady Summertime” in 2002. She feels equally at home with contemporary music and free improvisation as well as singing jazz standards and big band music.

Reija is a charismatic storyteller constantly exploring the human voice and sound combining them into a unique theatrical style of performance. She writes lyrics and original poems and also enjoys creating improvised stories on stage in free experimentation. Her alto voice is very expressive, moving from childlike innocence to melodic beauty but can also achieve at her highest peaks a surreal intensity.

Reija collaborates with several top Finnish jazz musicians e.g. with the most acclaimed Finnish classical/jazz violinist Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola and internationally award winning pianist Alexi Tuomarila. ”Lang & Luolajan-Mikkola” released a well-received record ”Transit” introducing Lang´s lyrics to Wayne Shorter and Eric Dolphy instrumentals in 2005 on Rockadillo Record label. Reija has collaborated with Mika Mylläri since 2004 in various creative jazz projects.