Mika Mylläri

Trumpet, grand piano, rhodes

Mika Mylläri is a Finnish composer, trumpet player and producer. Mika’s cool and intense trumpet sound has become recognised as ”The Sound of the North”. He´s been working internationally for over 15 years.

Mika´s musical heritage lays in the 60´s hard bop tradition but he´s at home in almost every style of music. His open mind has taken him to write musicals, contemporary works, big band music, free jazz as well as classic jazz tunes. He has also collaborated with several high profile groups, e.g. Us3, Ed Jones Quintet and Monk Liberation Front playing together e.g. with Ed Jones, Geoff Gascoyne, Orphy Robinson and Jonathan Gee.

In recent years Mika has produced albums for various artists and is the featured soloist on many productions. ”Music is for everyone. It´s the breath of the universe”. Constant revelation of the harmony and sound. The universe is the rhythm underneath. It´s the perfect love”, is Mika´s motto.