”Enjoyful and stylistically new. The unusual instrumentation required vivid sensitivity combined with active participation from everybody. This was an extraordinary and successful debut.”

- Jukka Hauru, Jazz Journalist, Helsingin Sanomat,
June 20, 2008 –

BURN OUT MAMAs unusual instrumentation vocal/ trumpet/ tenor sax/ double bass/ vibraphone/ marimba combined with innovative use of the human voice placed within a rich tapestry of rhythmic loops creates a fresh earthy organic sound. The outcome for the listener is a powerful but simultaneously sensitive and evocative musical journey.

A key element of BURN OUT MAMA is the strong storytelling element that weaves through all aspects of their music. This at the same time creates a very strong visual presence both in a live setting and in the band´s graphic materials.

The BURN OUT MAMA debut record visual world is a creation of two Finnish indie fashion designers, Jonna Holmberg and Taika Joensuu. The band´s photographical image - combining the funky odd paper bags with the musicians travelling in a Helsinki tramline number 1 - has been created by arts photographer Michael Aston.